Finances That Have Turned After My Mindset Changed

I’ve been hearing for years that the economy is improving, but my personal economy didn’t start to improve until I changed my mindset.  Since I’ve made a concerted effort to be more positive and optimistic, I’ve seen my financial prospects increase dramatically!
The first simple change I made was an internal change. I decided to stop dwelling on the negative, and try to see the positive in everything. Even when I failed or made a mistake, I tried to look at it as an opportunity to learn important lessons and to be able to do better next time.  Making that internal change made a huge change in my outward circumstances, as well. I felt more happy and found myself smiling more as I embraced my new inner positive self.

One day, at work, I happened to be riding the elevator with my boss, along with several other people. She noticed my genuine and contagious smile! She struck up a conversation with me, and within a few weeks, she assigned me to head up a very important project with one of our most prominent clients.  Part of this new assignment was a significant bonus if the clients were pleased with my work.  My newfound positivity was a huge asset with the clients, and my bonus reflected their satisfaction with my work.

Another positive outcome of my new optimism was my change in attitude about insurance.  I used to feel that the insurance company just wanted my money and that I would never need to use the insurance, so it was just a waste of hard earned cash.  Since my change of mindset, I realized that the insurance company is actually an ally in hard times. I decided to get insurance, just in case.  Figuring that it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it, I purchased insurance from a very helpful and kind agent, who’s since become a trusted advisor.  If I ever have an issue where I need to use the insurance, I feel confident that my agent will make sure that I am well taken care of, which will insure that my finances do not take a needless hit.

Finally, I’ve noticed that since I’ve become an optimist, I don’t feel the need to use “retail therapy” to make me feel better.  I always look at things from a different perspective now, so I can make myself feel better without wasting money on some item that I will never use and do not need.  My bank account has never looked so healthy!

My new positive attitude has made a definite and substantial effect on my finances, and I’m happier than ever!