How I Was Once a Negative Nancy

Imagine waking up every day dreading what was to come. Worrying about work, family and friends, constantly seeing the negative side of everything. This is exactly what I had become, a complete Negative Nancy. Ask my opinion on something and I was sure to give you a negative take on the subject. I was an unhappy person finding everything wrong with the world. I didn’t want to be this way and was only pushing my family and friends further away. No one wants to be near someone who is constantly seeing the downside to everything.
Thankfully, I found my way back to the positive side of things. By working on my mental state as well as being consistent, I was able to become a more positive person, enjoying each and every day as it happens, never worrying anymore about what bad thing might happen next. How did I do it? Below are a few tips to help you get on the right path to positivist.
Remove the Negative
First, I had to remove everything negative from my life. No more reading books that had a negative tone, hanging out with negative friends, etc. Change every aspect of my life to avoid anything negative. Then, each day I had to start out in a positive manner. After waking up, I would tell myself today would be a good day. Saying positive messages to myself helped me to push out the negative and focus on how I could turn my life around.
See the Good in Everything
Going from a negative person to a positive person required me to change the way I see everything. As a Negative Nancy, I would immediately see the bad in everything. By trying to be positive, I had to see the good. No matter the situation, I had to find something positive about it. This can be hard and you must be ready to make the changes to see things differently. But with practice, you will easily be able to find a positive in anything, even the toughest situations.
Surround Yourself with Positive People
We all have that one friend who is just a good person. They see the good in everyone and everything. Spend time with them. Let their happy thoughts ooze out and into your mind. By surrounding yourself with those who are positive, you will begin to see things differently and become a more positive person.

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