How to Impress Someone at a NighClub

Nightclubs are a fast-paced environment, perfect for single people looking to impress a member of the opposite sex. Men in particular are often discouraged in nightclubs for many reasons.  A couple of things that discourage men include the amount of people, and the loudness of the music. It can often be so loud that it is difficult to hear the other person speak. This all leads to self-doubt and introspective thoughts. Women are not immune to this either.

 However, a nightclub can and should be the easiest place to impress the opposite sex. The Key is to use your body and a little psychology. Here are a few ways you can start doing it:

The Approach – Whether you are a man or a woman, how you first walk into the nightclub and approach someone is where the first impression is made. Get comfortable by immediately speaking to a stranger upon entering the club. This will help you conquer any anxiety for the rest of the night. No matter what, even if you are blown off, just keep approaching people. Only by doing this can you overcome that irrational fear of crowds.

 In the case that you do begin to feel doubt or awkwardness, just begin high fiving those around you and spreading love. Maintain a positive, high level of playful energy throughout your time at the club and you should guarantee yourself and those around you a better night.

 Body Language –  The first thing that people judge you on as you enter a bar is your body language. If your mother ever told you to keep you back straight and head up, listen to her. Whether male or female, stand tall and let your chest come out.

 If you’re a guy, never lean in to her when speaking. Instead, lean back and let her lean into you. This will help her feel at ease. Remember to maintain eye contact, women love that because it shows confidence.

 No matter your sex, remember to dance. This is a nightclub afterall. So show-off your new twerk moves. Dancing helps create a fun care-free vibe and will always impress the opposite sex. Remember, twerking is for both sexes.

 Teams – Bring friends, especially if they are of the opposite sex. Going out with friends is simply more fun, and will help you not think too much about chasing the opposite sex. In addition, people will notice that you are at ease as you laugh and joke within your group, and will instantly consider you to be more social and friendly.