Smiling Brought Opportunity To My Life

In the course of a day, you never know how many times an opportunity can pass you by simply because you are not looking for it. One of the best ways to keep yourself open to every opportunity that comes your way is to always keep a warm and genuine smile on your face. When you have a positive attitude, it is contagious to those around you, and there is no more obvious outward signal of positivity than a sincere smile. There are many ways that the unpretentious act of smiling can benefit your career, life, and happiness.

Studies show that a smile that is perceived as genuine opens doors. Authentic smiles make interviewers feel that the interviewee is a better fit than an interviewee who has a neutral expression. Employees who smile regularly are promoted and given raises more often than those employees whose faces are neutral or frowning more often than smiling.  A smile can make the difference between getting or not getting that promotion or raise you have been working so hard for. If you often come into contact with others in your field, a genuine smile can bring opportunities such as new job offers, introductions to new clients or customers, and chances to collaborate on big projects.  A simple smile can give your colleagues a good feeling about you that translates to innumerable possibilities.

Another benefit of smiling is that you will feel more positive. When you feel more positive, you are more willing to take risks, step out of your comfort zone, and take a chance on something you normally wouldn’t be open to. Feeling positive gives you the courage to go for the opportunities that come up. If you’ve been contemplating a job or life change, the positivity that comes from a sincere, heartfelt smile on your face can give you the resolve to apply for that new job, accept a job that requires a move, or accept a dinner invitation from someone new.

Your life can be filled with prospects, chances, and big breaks if you are willing to put forth the effort to smile with genuine feeling and warmth every day, to everyone you see. A simple smile can help you fulfill your dreams and become the center of a new positive atmosphere in your office, family, and relationships opening up new and exciting opportunities for you.