Will I Be A Bad Parent?

After disciplining our children, we often feel insufficient as parents. We look at ourselves and think about how bad we must be as parents to have to go to such extreme measures. You’re not alone in your struggle of consistently battling whether or not you are a bad parent. Most parents feel the same exact way as you do and share common problems that can make anyone feel incompetent about their parenting skills. So – are you a bad parent?

1. You Tell Your Kids ‘No’

Parents often feel guilty when they tell their kids no. It’s not something any parent wants to tell their child – but you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. Teaching your children about the value of the word “no” at an early age will help them better develop and understand that they can’t have everything in life. As a parent, you have an obligation to make sure your kids have a basic understanding about the fundamentals of life.

If you are known for telling your kids “No” often, just evaluate what you’re saying no about before just saying it. As a parent, you can instinctually say no without even processing the question. If you decide to say no, explain to your child why to help them understand. These are the best ways you can go about feeling less guilty for telling your child no.

2. You Discipline Your Kids by Taking Things Away from Them

This is another fundamental of life when it comes to teaching your kids life lessons. Don’t punish yourself with a guilt-trip if the punishment fits the crime committed. Kids need to be taught boundaries, the difference between right and wrong, and that consequences will come after bad actions.

Never make apologies for having to take things away from your child to discipline them. Good punishment can make your child realize these different sides of life, giving them potential for success in the future.

3. Your Child Has Lice and Other Medical Issues

As a parent, you will want to protect your child from the world. However, you aren’t going to be able to stop everything from happening. In some cases, your child will get lice and other medical diseases from their schoolmates. This could be something minor like a cold and could be as severe as the flu.

Regardless, you can’t feel like a bad parent for being unable to protect them. If they have lice, take them to see a professional lice specialist in your area to help remove them. If they have any other issues, going to a physician can usually help with relieving symptoms until it passes.

4. You Let Your Child Dress in an Outfit Meant for Halloween … But It’s Not Halloween

Times have changed and what’s deemed “socially acceptable” has changed. Letting your child express their freedom through their clothes at a young age will give them the ability to express themselves. You want your child to feel comfortable, so don’t worry about their attire choices. You’re not a bad parent for letting your kid have freedom with their clothing.

5. Your Child Needs to Be Around You

Some parents feel awful when their kids are stuck by their side instead of playing with the other kids at the park. This is nothing to worry about as a parent, though. Every kid is different. Some of them love to be adventurous, while others don’t like to leave their parent’s side. Don’t beat yourself up over this nor try to force your kid to socialize.

They will let you know when they are ready. In the meantime, just provide them with the love they need and be thankful for these times. Eventually, they will grow out of this and you’ll miss these times.

Your Experience as a Parent Will Differ from Another Parent’s Experience

There are no set guidelines to being a good parent. Parenting is a journey that individualizes its experience with every person that walks through its path. You and your child’s needs will differ as you both grow and learn together. Parenting may not be easy, but it is a fulfilling experience that should be cherished.